State Fair

I had never been to the Texas State Fair before as a Ft. Worth girl growing up I never had any desire to go, I had the Ft. Worth Stock Show to fill my large fair needs. I was not wrong, the State Fair was not impressive, it wasn’t the fact that everything is overpriced that is expected. It was the fact the layout of the state fairs exhibits are laid out in an unorganized manner, and spread out in a manner that makes no sense. Enough about the state fair, how about my husbands melt down this weekend and finally deciding that he should help me pack and clean. I love my man but he isn’t very in to cleaning except for the dishes, I am not griping about the dishes help. I do wish that he would more with the other cleaning, when he decides he wants to help though there is no telling him no. So now my living room looks blank and empty almost everything has been removed from the walls, all the movies have been packed away and boxes are stacked in the corner. Sunday we made over 8 trips to the dumpster and multiply listings and pick ups on freecycle. I wish I could say that we got more packed then we did but sadly it seems we barely made a dent why is it when you start packing your belongings seems to multiply in front of you. What else happened this weekend? Ahh yes I met the awesome Lauren of Mommy is RocknRoll, she is quirky awesome and funny. I hope that we can get together again soon. I hopefully will have some pictures to post soon, but I am not gonna lie it has been kind of nice this past week not living behind a camera.

2 Replies to “State Fair”

  1. I've only ever been to one state fair, but rest assured, it wasn't any better. Madness, I tell you!And I think some of the best days are when you just enjoy them and think to yourself later, I wish I had had my camera, but realize you would have missed the moment looking through a lens.


  2. i am not very into state fairs and things of that nature….alot of walking, i don't like crowds and crowds of people. and quite frankly they usually stink of farm animals! lol. i feel bad, did i miss something? when, where and why are you guys moving?


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