I have nothing wrong with review products. I actually like to review products, I don’t even have to have products sent to me to review them.  Now what do you do when you are sent something to review and you aren’t pleased with it? How can you be honest with out hurting the senders feelings?

6 Replies to “Review’s?”

  1. If you post negative reviews, it seems like that would help your credibility as a reviewer in general- if people know you aren't afraid to pan something if it's bad, they're more likely to believe you when you say something is good.


  2. I try to "filter" before a review. Look into the product before you agree to it or pursue it. Then I let companies know I will contact them if there are any issues before publishing a review article so they have the choice to not have it published or to help fix the issue (luckily I haven't had to do this yet).


  3. This happened with this pan I tried out earlier this year. Didn't like it. At all. In fact I thought some things needed to be tweaked on the product for anyone to really want to use it. So I told this all to my contact for their company, and then went ahead and wrote an honest review. The contact said they appreciated it and were planning on telling their supervisor about my complaints/suggestions to make a better product. I figure, I am not a paid promotional person. I was sent something to try and change my mind about a product, and the actual thing they sent me to try wasn't designed well. So I was honest, but fair.


  4. I agree with the previous suggestions.I don't accept products that I don't think I will like, or that I don't think I'll be able to properly review.Most of the time a product will work for someone else even if it doesn't work for you, so be honest about why the product didn't work for you, and who you think it will work for.Although this seems like a bad thing, you're actually helping people decide which products will work for them, and ensuring that people won't buy products that won't work for them, which helps prevent the negative feelings that can occur towards a company when people buy a product that doesn't work for them.I also think bloggers who only write positive reviews, and "love, love, love" every product are less credible than bloggers who don't like certain products.


  5. I think the most helpful reviews list the pros and the cons. I haven't done very many, and so far only one product had cons, but I listed them. I think that's the best service to our readers.


  6. Honesty. Honesty. Honesty!Don't be afraid to give a bad review! Why would you like about a cd and say that it totally rocked your socks off if it was horrible? Def. List the pros and cons 🙂


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