What’s in your make up bag?

I have been wearing make up since jr. high, back then it was clear mascara and Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers. If you asked me back then I thought I was hot stuff with that combo, I wore those by choice not by parental demands. My freshman year my mom actual refused to buy me clear mascara anymore, so then we went through the long and tedious process of finding a mascara. It took me two years and a numerous amount of my parents money, to find the right one. I have two mascara’s that I love one that cost to much for to have very often, they are Lancome’s Definicils and Maybelline’s Lash Discovery.  Foundation was even worse then mascara I still haven’t found one that I am in love with, for daily use I use Clinque moisture sheer tint, if I am going out I use Maybelline mineral power. I tried Bare Essentials and liked, it I just can’t afford it that is what lead me to Maybelline’s mineral power. I need to find a new eyeliner, for the longest time I used Mary Kay’s eyeliners but I moved and I don’t have a sales rep. anymore. So if you have in recommendations for good eyeliner please pass it on.  I found my perfect lipstick when it came in a free gift my sophomore year of college Clinque’s Pink Beach. I will wear it and then add lip gloss if I want to give it some upmh. Then I use lip gloss through out the day I have tried quite a few and I haven’t found one that I am in love with. And I am going to let you in on a little secret I rarely buy my everyday eye shawdows, most of them are the free gift with purchase. I love the colors most of the time I wear cream colored, brown and pinks. I am not afraid to take risks with my eye color, I have black, turquise and purple in my makeup bag right now. Now I have told you about my make up bag so what else can I do but show it to you. Also if you have any recs please feel free leave them in the comments.

10 Replies to “What’s in your make up bag?”

  1. I am addicted to C.O. Bigelow's tinted lip gloss, it feels just like minty chapstick!! It's around $7 a tube at Bath & Body Works, but since it takes such a very tiny bit to use, the tubes last FOREVER. I have even sent them through the washing machine inside pants pockets many, many times and it never ruins them!


  2. Ok. I have many things to add, but would have to go upstairs for all the deets, so I will do the best I can. I just got Bare Essentials yesterday and am loving it, so far. You know, all one day and everything. A half day, even. I use a Clinique mascara that is the bomb-diggity and have an eyeline that I love that I get from Wal-Mart. Dang. I can't think of the name. I will find it and e-mail it to you. What a fun post!


  3. You already know whats in my bag! 🙂 lolI think I have that same turquoise eye shadow! What color are your eyes?


  4. I have Sally Hansen in my bag. Its the inspired by Carmindy, and I love it. little pricy, but worth it


  5. Have you tried any of the ELF makeup? It's super cheap! I hadn't tried it until just recently. I won a $25 gift certificate on a blog and you would not believe how much I got for $25! I am very fair skinned, and the fair pressed powder was too dark for me. I didn't care much for the foundation either, but I LOVE the under eye lightener/concealer! I also Love the concealer pencil that has a sharpner on the end and helps fight acne!


  6. I'm a total lipgloss junkie! I like ones that have a very 'soft' color to them. And there's there is my addiction to chapstick. Boring ole chapstick! I very rarely ever wear mascara or lipstick. And I've always kind of been chicken to try 'bold' colors when it comes to eye shadows.


  7. I have sensitive, dry, acne-prone skin, so finding a foundation that would give me a little coverage without being too drying or irritating was a challenge for me. I used to use Clinique, but would have to change formulas from season to season as my skin needs changed. I've finally latched onto some of Neutrogena's foundations and I *love* them! They're about half the price of Clinique, so if I switch it's less of a pain in the wallet. I started with their mineral powder foundation–which I like a bit better than the Maybeline or Cover Girl counterparts because of it's brush/applicator design–much easier for on-the-go application! More recently I've been using Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation and the newest which is a Healthy Skin sheer tint with moisturizer + spf + retinol built in. First retinol product I've used that hasn't dried irritated my face. Only been using that last one for a couple weeks, but loving it so far!I totally cheap out on other stuff–mostly Maybeline. Rimmel has some nice stuff, too, especially their eyeliners. I like the ones that twist out so you don't need to use a separate sharpener.


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