Tyler, Texas

We went back to my husbands home town, last weekend for a baby shower. It was a gorgeous weekend in East Texas, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and we were surrounded by family. I miss be close to family, as someone who grew up with a large extend family all with in a stones throw of my home not being near family is tough. I don’t know how many times I have or will day that, but I need family close they are my rock.

The shower it’s self was nice, just a little too long it lasted over 2 hours. It started late, we played 3 games and then gifts. Ian was great he never once fussed but I could tell he was tired of being there and people passing him around. Poor guy didn’t get to nap like he should have on Saturday I don’t think he got a decent nap till around 4 after being woke up on accident at 6 am by Papaw. Sunday wasn’t a good nap day either but the trooper he was he never complained.  I don’t know how I got so lucky.

We have to thank Aunt Lauren for purchasing Ian his first winter coat from  The Children’s Place and two awesomely cute shirts from gymboree (pics to come). I also got my hair cut while we were there, the stylist took off more length then I wanted but I still like it. All in all it was a good trip we got to catch up with family and The Johnson’s. You can check out more pictures from our trip.

3 Replies to “Tyler, Texas”

  1. awww, glad you had a good weekend wth family. I moved an hour away from my family and friends and are waiting for that one winning lotto ticket to take me back to NY. xoxo


  2. I just moved from East Texas 2 years ago. Grew up in that area, went to school and mostly raised my oldest daughter in East Texas. Glad you got to go visit….I need to do that also. I haven't been back since I moved.


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