Thanks to lovely Angel, I was awarded this awesome award that states you have to share 10 things about your self and share it with 10 ladies that you think are lovely.

My Ten Lovely Ladies:
Zelands Mom
Momma Sunshine
JJust Kidding
Throne of Thornes
Life of Rickie
Our Life Upstate
Misson Mommy
You and Me plus 3
The story of our little bonbon
Mom of 2 girls

10 Things:
1: I cry while watching Grey’s Anatomy and Bones during nearly episode.
2: I own a pair of Heart Covered Converse Hi-Tops.
3: I still have my Spurs in my closet, I haven’t owned my own horse in 4 years.
4: I am obessed with photobooths
5: I drool in my sleep and I am not ashamed.
6: I would rather have photos of the ones I love hung up around my house instead of art.
7: I still watch Scooby Doo when I see it on.
8: I will live outside of Texas at least once in my life, but I will return.
9: I snort when I laugh.
10: I skipped school the day I lost my virginity.

6 Replies to “”

  1. love your list… i cry when i watch tv (sometimes even commercials) and love me some Scooby Doo too!! lol xoxo


  2. I totally snort when I laugh – except it's only when I unexpectedly laugh. And now, my fiance does it too! Also, I agree with the art versus photography for home decor. Loved ones faces' are so much more precious to me!


  3. Thank you Girl for the Award!!!!I loved your list!BTW I skipped school too; Me got marry and lost my virginity at the same time; well hmm different time same day LOL


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