Last Weekend

We were busy bees in the Gregory household, everything from PMS to Oct. Fest (yes in Sept.). We went to Oct. fest in Addison on Fri. night with a bunch of friends from college. Poor Ian said that was a long night but I have to give him credit for being a trooper. We were out til after 10:30, he was all smiles and laughs until we got in the car to go home then he started telling us he was tired in his angry chatter.  My poor husband woke up Saturday to PMS Bobbi, poor poor man. I was an emotional basket case, at one point in the day I was to doubt his love for me and the baby, and there was no chocolate in  the house so that made it all worse. {I finally got some chocolate today due to my friend Abby bring me a Frosty (while eating I was thinking of Beth and Erin and the twitter conversation they had yesterday).}  Sunday we went to Plano’s Balloon Festival, where Ian was a hit. On the free shuttle from the free parking area both times people would just talk Ian’s ears off. He wasn’t too interested in the balloons, but man oh man he can people watch with the best of them.  I wore him both Fri and Sun and both times, I got lots of looks, I am guessing babywearing is not yet that popular in Dallas as it is else where.  Also while at Oct. Fest so jerk told me that they have surgery to remove them now.  I wish I could have told him off but I didn’t get the chance to. At both festival combined I counted less the 5 people baby wearing and more strollers then I can count. I think I have rambled on enough since it is 2 am and I am no longer making any sense.

4 Replies to “Last Weekend”

  1. Nobody babywears here. Or if they do its the bijorn that isnt very good for the baby anyways.When I do wear Alyssa I get looks, and some ?'s like "doesnt that hurt your back?" and "isn't she too old" that's the one that annoys me the most


  2. Here in Michigan I've NEVER seen anyone wear a baby. That obviously doesn't mean people don't do it but I've never seen it. Sounds like you had a great weekend even as busy as it was. PMS sucks! Thankfully I'm single & no man has to put up with me & my emotional basket case PMS filled days. LOL


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