ABC’S Modern Family

The name alone made me want to tune in for the premiere, but the first episode has me hooked. I loved the wit and cynicism through out the episode.

Jay is by far my favorite character so far and his trying to “help” his family. His step son Manny, I think that with a little more development is going to end up turning in to the show stealer. The few lines he had were awesome. I hope that ABC is smart enough to grow that story line. The one thing that I hope changes is Phil’s trying to be the cool parent that tries to hard for his kids to accept him.

Overall I think that Modern Family is a hit. It is on ABC at 9/8c Wednesdays, make sure to tune in.

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2 Replies to “ABC’S Modern Family”

  1. I think it'll be a while before we get to see this, but this is not the first time someone has mentioned the show on their blog.I am very curious.


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