Baby Orajel Review and Giveaway

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As a mom I worry about the oral care of Ian on a daily basis. As soon as he was old enough to have his gums brushed I purchased some of the Baby Orajel tooth and gum paste with a one of the fingertip brushes. Ian was not keen on the fingertip brush at all. Through SheBlogs, I was able to try Baby Orajel tooth and gum paste with a brush and Baby Orajel Cooling Cumber.
I was so excited to try both of these products and to see Ian’s reaction. Well he took having his teeth brushed with a toothbrush better then I ever imagined. When he sees me get his toothbrush he starts smiling and laughing. We brush our teeth together everyday in the morning after breakfast, Ian and I keep our toothbrushes by the kitchen sink. I do this so that Ian can sit in his high chair and watch me brush my teeth also. The paste is fluoride free so that makes it safe to swallow. Instead of fluoride the active ingredient is Microdent that is safe to swallow but still helps prevent plaque build up.

     I think Ian’s new love though is the Baby Orajel Cooling Cumber, he will see us get it out of the fridge and will stop whatever he is doing and runs (crawls as fast as a run) to me going bite (ba ba ba). If by some chance we leave the tube some where he can see it, he tries to get it with more intensity then he shows for anything else. I love the fact that it has cumber extract that also helps to instantly cool the gums.
     I am also lucky enough to be able to give to my readers a set of Baby Orajel Tooth and Gum Paste and the Baby Orajel Cooling Cumber. The winner will be chosen by random on Tuesday Sept. 29; to enter you need to leave a comment about why you would like to try these products.
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9 Replies to “Baby Orajel Review and Giveaway”

  1. I would love to win it for my lil teether Elijah! He is slow when it comes to cutting his teeth and only has the bottom two so far. He seemed to be teething FOREVER with those two so the cucumber oragel would be awesome for him! We also have started to brush those two little teeth so the gel and brush would be a big help!Thank you for the chance!–Erin@erinjeanyejsmomej at gmail dot comhttp://ejsmomej.blogspot.comhttp://www.momlovestoday.com


  2. My 11 month old, apphia, is struggling to get her top teeth in. She currently has just the 2 bottom ones. I would be able to sleep much better without her waking at night from teething pain…. the homeopathic teething pellets just aren't working anymore. Anyway, I'd love to try out these products from oragel!lillie (lilbatavia)


  3. I need the products because I've got an almost 8 month old who has been teething since she was 3 months old! That's 5 long long months of teething. lol And from what I understand I've got a long road ahead of me. So far Emilia only has the 2 bottom teeth in but she's working on more. We also brush our teeth together every morning and every night. She loves her toothbrush more than I thought she would!


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