You Capture

PhotobucketThis week’s theme is Macro (super close). This was harder then you think. I took so many pictures this week and hardly any of them came out the way I would have wanted. I had some cool mistakes, and trying to decide if I should post one of those or try to get an awesome non-mistake. Then I decided that some mistakes are meant to be made (taken). That they actually turn in to the best surprises (Ian). So here are some of my best mistakes for this you capture (not in life those are for another post).

10 Replies to “You Capture”

  1. I love the macro function on my point and shoot. I"d love a macro lens for my pro camera but they are pricey.By the way, the Oswald CDs came from my sister-in-law. She found them somewhere online so she'd be able to show Boston Oswald when he sleeps over there.


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