I am ashamed

Has anybody else heard of AshleyMadison.com? That advertises cheating within your marriage is a good thing. What the hell, this makes me sick. I was raised in a home where one of the parents wasn’t always faithful (that doesn’t make me love said parent any less). Cheating does not make a marriage stronger it only hurts it. Once one of the partners cheats the trust is gone.

I am more ashamed that shows like Ellen, Oparh, Dr. Phil, GMA, and Larry King have featured this shameless site. It was also prominently featured on my local news tonight because one of the churches around here is going to debate the founder. There is no need to say the sites name more then the churches name. Sadly this site has over 3 million members. What is America coming to when there is no shame in promoting infidelity? What are your thoughts on this crap?

9 Replies to “I am ashamed”

  1. I saw the Oprah where they talked about it. Apparently there are tons of sites like that. We clearly have way to much time on our hands. What ever happened to fidelity?


  2. Wow, hadn't heard of it. Seriously, what bothers me is that there are people who watch those shows who instead of being disgusted instead go to their site to sign up. And their motto of "Life's too short, have an affair." (I had to google them) makes me want to throw up. How about "Life's Too Short To Screw Around."?


  3. I think it's unfortunate that websites like this are promoting infidelity. What's even MORE unfortunate is that sooo many people are drawn in by media hype, and someone who may not otherwise have known about this site is now TOTALLY aware of the point , click, cheat method thanks to douchebags like Oprah and Dr. Phil. Sickening. C'mon Oprah… can't you stick to giving cars away?I also believe that no amount of advertising and promotion can FORCE a person to stray from their marraige if they are committed to being monogamous. SHAME on the dbags who are financing sites like this. Grow some balls and get a divorce.


  4. I have no idea how I missed this. I think it's a reflection of the person cheating. They are obviously not ready to be married yet too cowardly to admit otherwise. I realize kids, houses, bank accounts make things more complicated, but still….have some morals.


  5. I had no idea…prob b/c I don't watch TV, but WTH??? Why bother going through the vows and whatnot if you don't mean it? I would say more about this but I can't seem to comment without cursing at the thought.


  6. It's really gross. People are going to cheat if they want, but to make it easier? It really says a lot about a person who would choose to participate or start a site like this. Wasn't Ashleymadison.com part of the scandal that brought down the NY State Governor a few years back?


  7. I have never heard of this site, but it sounds just like how you described. Crap. And that's putting nicely.


  8. I haven't heard about this site, but I think it is absolutely ridiculous. Marriage is not a marriage without faithfulness and trust.


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