Time is at a constant speed

That is what science says but in my world the last 7 months have flown by. On Jan 20, 2009 I had Ian and now it is August. What happened to that tiny slimy thing that was placed on my chest? How has he turned in to this handsome devil?
While waiting to see the Dr. for his 6 month check up, where he weighed in at an impressive 19lbs 9.3 oz and was 28 inches tall. His head though has measured small since birth they aren’t worried but he is only in the 13 percentile.Unlike some babies his head has always been in proportion to his body. He had head control when he was born, I never head a bobble head. The first few months went by in such a blur. With the everyday stresses of new mother hood, the stress of Casey being laid off when Ian was 6 weeks old and then me returning back to work. That some of your first major milestones got overlooked sadly I can’t remember the day he first smiled, and it took so long to capture it on film. I can’t remember the first time he giggled but my days are now filled with his laughter and it is a beautiful sound. I may not remember when he did those first little things but that doesn’t mean I love him any less. I now spend my days marveling at how with a blink of an eye you are becoming a toddler. In the past month he has discovered the baby in the mirror, become a crawling machine and a cruising monster who can pull him self up with little effort. I think that science lie because time flies.

5 Replies to “Time is at a constant speed”

  1. I could have written this post word for word down to going back to work at 6 weeks and missing major milestones. Somehow those major milestones don't seem like such a big deal now that I see my little girl changing into a big girl every day! What happened to our babies?! And if the last 7 months have gone this fast, what about the next 17 years?????


  2. awwwww, what a little sweetie!! i dont' remember all those little things either (and i was home when my guys were that little) my memory just plain sucks with some stuff. I agree, it flies by…..just wait next thing you know he will be in high school and you will be talking about college. that is what happened to me. (my olest is 16yrs old now and it is just crazy to me!) xoxo


  3. Oh, dear. That's a cute little baby. He is just so darling — and a biggun too. I was just marveling at Bea this morning. She looks ginormous to me and she's getting ready to crawl. It frightens me how quickly time is going by.


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