Wordless Wednesday

I know this should be wordless but being that I am not on the internet this week. I wanted to stress the importance of reading to your children. Do you read to your child? We read to Ian at least once a day if not more he has books scattered throughout the house. He in the recent weeks has started interacting back with the books, if he isn’t finished with the page when you turn it he wants you turn it back. So I guess what I am tryign to say remember to read to your kids.

4 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. I read bedtime stories to my knucklehead every night, and then less frequently as he got older- but I continued to do so till he was about 14!He is an avid reader too.


  2. Reading to your kids is *SO* important! And the younger you start, the better.Keep reading~Lisa @All That and a Box of Rocks


  3. I read to alyssa all the time. Sometimes 3 times a day sometimes 1 time, just depends. Her attention span isnt great yet, but she will sit there for a couple of minutes.


  4. I agree…it is very important to read to your children. (And to answer your question on my blog….Yes, I have 4 boys and they have a playhouse like that! lol)


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