A Friends Mantra

I am going off line for a whole seven days. Starting Sunday August 23, I will have guest post and a few written in advance posts from me. This first guest post is written from one of my In Real Life friends, that would like to vent about how some people only think of themselves and not how there actions effect those around them.

People are stupid

I haven’t told many people this, but I have a mantra: “people are stupid”.

The people I have told about this mantra have reacted in ways that I think indicate that I haven’t done a good job of explaining what I mean by this phrase.

I do not mean:

  • That I am smarter than anyone/everyone
  • That many people are not intelligent
  • That I hate people
When I am obligated to remind myself that people are stupid, I am reminding myself that people who are otherwise capable of doing things as complex as driving a car, paying their bills, and cooking food will nevertheless still make decisions to act stupidly, irresponsibly, immaturely, and cruelly or passive aggressively, even when they are old enough to know better and are perfectly capable of making a more intelligent choice. They just look at a situation, and they decide to be stupid. And to avoid responsibility for their actions by claiming ignorance or insisting that something they’ve done makes sense when it clearly doesn’t. This is a ridiculous way for adults to act, because everyone around them can see what they are doing and recognize its absurdity, but it is how things are.

I don’t mean that only people I don’t know or people I don’t like are stupid. No, unfortunately, many times when I have to remind myself that people are stupid, I am doing this to remind myself that people I love or am related to are equally capable of making a conscious decision to be stupid. They have made some decision to do something ridiculous that hurts me or upsets me because it was easier for them at the time. I just have to remember, people are stupid, and forgive them.

Another reaction I have received is that this is a very negative mantra. I beg to differ. Many times when someone does something completely ignorant and even dangerous, but there is nothing that I can do about it, I am able to “let go” of the anger, frustration, and helplessness by reminding myself “this is because people are stupid”. Nothing more and nothing less. It is not personally directed against me, it is just people being stupid.

For example, when someone doesn’t like how slow I am driving and makes a big show of passing me on a residential street (this happens to me periodically, the residential streets near my house are wide but the speed limit is 35 and I abide by it – no one else does), honking and flipping me off, I just sigh to myself and think “people are stupid”. This reminds me that the person is fully capable of recognizing that what they did was wrong, reckless, and dangerous, but they did it anyway because they are a jerk. That person is acting stupid, but all people act like that.
It is normal, even though it is stupid.
People are stupid.
Repeat after me, and let go of the anger…

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