Letting Daniel Jackson Go.

So today I cleaned out my car of a little over 2 years for it to be picked up by the bank. We decided that with me staying home and Casey taking the light rail to work, we could survive with just one car. It was a sad day in some ways, I have changed so much since I got Daniel Jackson (yes I named my car). When I got him 2 years ago I still carried cozies everywhere, I found 2 in the glove box, 2 in the back of the seat pocket and 3 in the cargo space. Who would ever need that many cozies. Then I found CD’s that I thought I had lost in random places, under seats, back of the seat pockets, under the mat in the cargo space. The best find was the cd of my Cousin Rusty singing, he passed away 2 summers ago at age 19 leaving a wife and 2 babies behind. The dent in the bumper came only 3 weeks after I got my car. I used to work at a dry cleaners and had to be at work by 7 am, one morning I wasn’t paying attention and backed into a mailbox.

As of Friday we have been a one car family for a week, it hasn’t been bad. It is a nice feeling to know that by only having one car we will be brought even closer together. I don’t know what the future holds for us but I do know that we will get through it. I have only driven Casey to the train station once, I instead have been carless all day. This doesn’t bother me this is the first time since I was 18 that I have been with out a car. I oddly enough I feel free.

14 Replies to “Letting Daniel Jackson Go.”

  1. I wish my husband worked near enough to a DART station (or even had a permanent work location…he's a consultant so he doesn't) – we would love to have only one car!!


  2. Lauren: I was sad to let it go, but we were upside to the point of drowning. When and if we ever get to the point of having two cars again I want another Xterra.J: It is great him being able to take the rail.CBG: That is the truth.


  3. awwww….i am sure Daniel Jackson found a nice home!! i love the new blog layout, i am working on a new one to and will let you know when i get it up and running. (i picked the same template from deluxetemplates.com) great minds, huh?missed you , glad to be back!!xoxoxo


  4. You name your car? That's bad! Just kidding! :o) It is impossible to have one car in the Valley with the two of us working full time jobs….life on this grid is not city transit friendly….especially compared with other cities….too sprawled out and HOTHOTHOT!Cheers!~daddy b


  5. Oh man, I totally dig the new layout! It's awesome.Sounds like it was a hard decision but one you're at peace with. I've never named a car, actually. heh. And just think…there's some new Xterra out there in your future just waiting to be named.-R.


  6. My first car back in high school was named Pierre. He was a piece of crap but boy did I love it.


  7. I name my cars too, how weird is that? Kindred spirits I guess is what we are. Anyway, I'm proud of you for making yourself fit into your 'skinny money jeans'. No one knows what the future holds, but if you keep your focus on your family and plan your budget carefully–you'll find your life will be richer than ever. So long, Daniel Jackson. Blessings Bobbi–loved this.Sandhill Sis http://reclaimsimplicity.com


  8. You are not alone in this. Many are going through it and we will all band together and survive. We will, we are tough, resilient and smart. We are the ones who will change the world and this is just a rough patch, but in the end, we will all be ok. I've got your back lady!


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