I was banished from my house one Friday night by my husband to have a few hours to myself after snapping at him for no reason at all (well there was a reason at least in my mind but really it was stupid and me just being petty). So I packed up my old faithful laptop (that won’t pick up Internet in my own home but has no problem with Starbucks signal), a book, a notebook (I write notes and such for my blog on paper so I don’t forget them til I can expand on them), and headed down the road to Starbucks.

Where I met the nicest barista’s I have ever had a Starbucks (the one on mcdermott in Allen,TX). They actually engaged me in conversation and feigned some interest in what I was doing there (or really good actors). They gave me a cup of warm coffee after I had been there an hour and half and was freezing cold (I had forgot a sweater.). Once there I was overcome with writers block for the first hour. I could throw it to matter what and I had a deadline to meet. Finally inspiration and I began to work. When I ran out my alot free Internet and it was rapidly approaching their closing time I packed up and headed home.

As I still hadn’t finished the project that was due the next evening, I convinced my husband to yet again let me out of my house sans baby(twice in two days, happy happy dance). So yet again I was on the road to find me a place with free wifi and a place to plug my old school laptop. I ended up at a different Starbucks (Bethany and 75) lets just say that the experience was not nearly has nice. I had no choice but to write and write I did. I finished the task at hand and then moved on to compiling my shopping list with price match information. I was excited to find out that target now does price matching. This was exciting news to me as they seem to have fresher produce and better quality merchandise. While I was finishing up my grocery list this guy came in and sat down at the table across to mine with no book, music, computer and stayed for over an hour staring at me, it was major creepy.

I then went grocery shopping with out husband and baby, can someone say heaven. Basically what this rambling post is about is I got to spend time with me and it was great.

6 Replies to “Alone”

  1. LOVE the new header. Wish I knew how to do something like that without making it look ridiculously cheesy.


  2. Hey if you have a Panera near you, their WiFi is also free. They have great couches and coffee and PASTRY!! Woo hoo!


  3. It's sad when a trip to the grocery store alone is a good time. But that is my favorite "date" with myself! Grocery store or Target without my baby or my husband or anyone begging me for attention! I hope you enjoyed it!


  4. Sweetpea: I know it is sad to have a date with myself be a trip grocery shopping, but it is better then nothing.J: Thanks I will have to look into that.CBG: You just have to go do it, act like you belong there. Sunshine: Thanks


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