6 Months

These are Ian’s first studio portraits, I think he did very well for a hungry man. It was time for him to eat when we took these pictures. These first 6 months have flown by I can’t imagine how fast these next 6 will go?


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11 Responses to 6 Months

  1. Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills says:

    faster than you could ever imagine. i can't believe i have an almost-two-year old.those pics are gorgeous – esp the one chewing the rubber ducky.xx


  2. Sweetpea says:

    They are adorable! And yes…it's amazing how fast the first 6 months fly by. I hear the next 17 1/2 years fly by just as fast!


  3. Lauren says:

    He is soo cute! I love the pics!


  4. Momma Sunshine says:

    Beautiful! Those are amazing pics. 🙂


  5. Pinkahirgirl says:

    He is gorgeous. Some great moment ahead in the next 6 months treasure them.


  6. Nessa says:

    It all goes so incredibly fast! Seems like just yesterday that Tristen was the age of your little Ian. He will turn 13 in November. You never really understand how time flies until you are blessed with children.The photos are adorable! He's such a cutie!


  7. JJ Keith says:

    Oh yay! These are fantastic! I love the bad boy sneer in the guitar shirt.


  8. Bobbi Janay says:

    JJ that face you speak is an exact replica of one of his daddy's looks. It is scary how much he acts like his daddy.


  9. Momma Pants says:

    What a cutie! I love this age…


  10. Kara @ His, Hers & Ours says:

    I LOVE Ian's pics! What a cutie!!


  11. Dad Blog says:

    They go buy soooo fast. One day they are smiling and cooing and the next day the are crawling and saying words. It is so very precious!


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