Unorganized Thoughts

I woke up sometime Monday night going in to Tuesday with a 102 degree fever, so my loving husband bitched and moaned but stayed home to take care of me. He hates to use his pto, with his first post college job he had been there nearly a year and had only used 3 days of his 3 weeks pto. Wednesday was no better I spent the say either freezing from fever or sweating to death from it breaking. Well Thursday morning I woke up feeling the best I had felt all week and thinking heck yeah i kicked that viruses ass. Well my body was lying to me, I went to the restroom later on in the day and to spare you the details lets just say my friend Gabe was rushing me to the ER. 6 Hours later and many more pokes and prods. I was diagnosed with a severe kidney infection, so much so that they wanted to keep me overnight thankfully I convinced them otherwise.

Well in other news this week, I did not attend Blogher but I am so tired of reading the bitching and moaning about the bad things that happened. Geeze ladies think of people like me and many other bloggers that I know that would have loved to have been there. I know that you didn’t have a good time and some bad things happened but why spend so much time and energy focusing on the Bad and not the good.

I recently discovered Man Vs. Food (as in today). How did I not know about this awesome show, it is like Diners, Drive-in’s ,and Dive’s but with out Guy which is a plus. I can’t believe some of the things that the host Adam eats.

I am thinking of creating my own blog award to give out.

I recently won a copy of Ms. Single Mama Uncensored, I am so grateful to have won. so far it is really good, it is less then $15 and a really good read.

The picture from last weeks Wordless Wednesday was my Mom and Daddy taken in Jan 1974 at the Ft Worth Stockshow Four months after they were married.

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  1. I must have my head in a hole as I did not hear about bad stuff @ BlogHer. I hope you feel better!


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