The Ultimate Looking Glass

While at the art museum last week, I saw the most magnificent looking glass and when I looked in it I fell through to the most wonderful world. With bright colors, sunshine with out unbearable heat, no dirty diapers, and an always clean house. How I wish that was true, the museum was amazing. To watch my son talk to paintings, reach out to complete strangers as they talked to him as he absorbed the world around him like a sponge.
He doesn’t judge the art or the people around he just takes it all in so that he might understand what it is that is taking place around him.He doesn’t dislike someone or something because everyone else does he is the ultimate looking glass. Some days I wish i could fall into his world to see what it is like through his eyes. Seeing and learning new things everyday with excitement, nothing is yet mundane or routine. Even the simple everyday things he gets excited about, eating a meal, changing a diaper or going on a walk are adventures to him. When did the small things become mundane and boring? What would it take a little more time to enjoy all the small things again? I need to remember to take the time to enjoy that accomplishing even the smallest task brings, enjoy my surroundings (not always think what can I do to make this better) and smile at the little things. So that is what I am asking all of you readers out there to do the same to look at the world around you and enjoy.

7 Replies to “The Ultimate Looking Glass”

  1. What a good post. Sometimes we get so caught up in all the worries and imperfections and forget to stop, breathe, and appreciate everything all around us.


  2. I want that looking glass! How amazing.But even more than that looking glass, I also want to appreciate everything around me….and take more time to visit art museums.Thank you so much for sharing 'the Ultimate Looking Glass' — the #lookingglass girls are going to love it.


  3. Bobbi,My son William is sitting on my lap as I read this. He said, "I love that picture!"I said, "Me, too, honey. It means so much to me."He said, "How come?"I said, "Because it reminds me that I'm still a little bit like you inside."Awesome post. Seriously. Thank you so much for this.From the Looking Glass,jen/MissIve


  4. I love this post. Thanks for reminding me… I've got a 5yo and a 7yo and aren't they just so precious in the way they move in the world. I wish I could bottle it up and sprinkle it on my like fairy dust!!!!*hugs*


  5. i THOUGHT i might find you other Looking Gass Lane girls here in the comment section of htis post. 🙂 isn't THIS what life's all about??!? for me, one of the greatest gifts of parenting is the way it slows me down to really "see" my world. my children literally stop me in my busy mommy tracks and tell me "Look MOM…..look at that butterfly-look at that flower…look at this…look at that…" and i do… 🙂 thankful that being a parent makes the small things in life that somehow matter more than anything else A-PPARENT. and thankful to you for pulling me in this way with your insightful post today. *smiles* From the Looking Glass,Suzanne/ZenMommy


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