Goverment Assitance

This post is going to make some people uncomfortable, it is going to step on toes , and to my family piss some of you off. If you don’t want to be mad or made feel uncomfortable stop reading now.

I have an issue with how government aid works in this country, maybe I should say how people abuse the system. I understand that there is people who need aid but I believe it should be used for an assigned amount of time (with a year being maximum). I myself am on W.I.C (Woman Infant and Children) it helps purchase formula, juice, eggs, milk and cheese. I am not going to lie it has been a life saver. We do not plan to be on it past Ian’s first birthday. We also were on food stamps when Casey was laid off shortly after Ian was born. Now during that two months he was laid off we depleted our savings but the government doesn’t care that we no longer having any savings they just care that my husband is employed again so we lost that assistance. Yes to you naysayers I stay home now, but the $300 a week I was making when I was working $200 of it went to childcare. So we decided for me to stay home. Now we are trying to figure it all out, we are cutting back on things we are trying to refinance my car or worst case scenario voluntary repossession. Now why did I just over share with you all?

Well I know people that have been on government aid for many years with no plan of surviving with out it. Yet these same people have money for booze and cigarettes. They go on vacation ever year and eat out all the time. When we talk income they say my husband makes less then their husbands, what the hell. Then their are those who cheat the system by many different way that I won’t go into. I don’t understand how the agencies running the food stamp program don’t realize this is going on or they do and just don’t care?

I say all this because a family like ours would be the kind of family would use government assistance to build our savings back up and would be on it no longer then 6 months not years. This issue makes me so mad that people abuse the system when there are many families out there that could really use it just to get their feet back under them and those families get denied.

4 Replies to “Goverment Assitance”

  1. Yes I think it sounds like you are using it for exactly what it is meant for – I don't mind paying the huge taxes we've been paying on 2 incomes with no kids for the last few years when I think that some of it goes to help out in exactly that way.


  2. I agree with this postI know a girl who keeps having kids to keep her Aid, and it's a shame. I think there should be a limit.I also think that these parents should be out actively looking for jobs, and the government should be keeping up with that.I remember me going down to the welfare dept. to get food stamps for one month because we had no income. They said "you make too much" I hate that we work so hard, and can't get help. But the ones who abuse the system, and do nothing get money for years


  3. i hear ya too….i received WIC when my guys were younger. We never qualified for food stamps because even though my husband is disabled we receive Social Securtiy Disablity and some Worker's Comp. I know exactly the people that you are talking about who could/should work and get any kind of assistance very easily and totally abuse the system and then there are families like yours who just need a little help for a little while!! sooo frustrating!! i know a mom who works at a coffee shop, and when her ex pays child support they lower her housing assistance and food stamps to be even less then what he pays her. So in essence she is better off if he doesn't pay child support. that is just soo sad, how could she ever get ahead and get off the programs. makes no sense to me either!! sorry 😦 i hope all works out for you guys soon!! xoxo


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