Our first fourth of July as parents was extremely fun. We took Ian swimming for the first time in the pool he loved it. He never once cried even when one of our neighbors little girl threw a flip flop in the pool and it land right beside him splashing his face ( in her defense she was only 2). Then after our swim Gabe and I braved wal-mart to get supplies for cooking out. It wasn’t to bad. I made pasta salad for the first time and it turned out amazing.

After Ian went down the real fun began, Gabe, Abby, Brandi, Sarah, B-Ron, and us all hung out and ate my delicious cooking. All but B-ron stayed over, the next mornign we all woke up to donuts thanks too Sarah and Brandi. I have to say that it was the most relaxing weekend we have had in a while.

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  1. awwww….sounds like you had an awesome 4th of july weekend!! thanks for stopping by my blog…i am very new to this whole thing.


  2. Sounds fab! Know what I did on the Fourth of July? The same thing I did on the third and the fifth! But on the first we had one heck of a partay!… Have I mentioned I'm Canadian?


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