30 Days

This is a post that might make some people uncomfortable, I will be talking about sex. By sex I mean my sex life with my husband pre-baby and post baby. With everything out there so to speak. So if these previous sentences have made you uncomfortable stop reading now (Aunt Doll this means you, not that I care if you read on)In the beginning it was like all new things you just can’t get enough even through the rough patches in the beginning. Lets just say my husband had the patience of a saint when it came to wooing me. Then we moved in together a year later and things were still hot and heavy, but once a bout six months had passed of living together (which coincided with his college graduation, a large move, and him starting his career) the sex began to dwindle. I mean not to the point of I am going blind here but a decrease none the less. Then we became comfortable in a routine of jobs, trying to have a social life, and all the little things that life throws at you, that sex got put on the back burner almost to the point of I am going blind here. Then we moved again when our lease was up and Casey changed companies and things began to improve. When he got laid off four months later (what a coincidence when Ian was conceived) things really picked up (I don’t know how they did though I was working 2 jobs and a full time student at the time). Then my husband with his saint like patience again got basically shunned like a leaper I can count on one hand the number of times we had sex while I was pregnant. Then after the mandatory recovery period things began to heat up again. Then Casey got laid off yet again, we had a new baby and going back to work being a sane woman and what happened the last time he got laid off I hid from husband (joking kind of). Then he got a job 2 months later, I started staying at home and Ian started sleeping through the night (most of the time) so things started to pick back up. Well last night Casey and I were conversing about our sex life and he made the comment how come we don’t have sex more often ( I had been having the same thought). That is when we decide that for the next 30 days we are going to have sex everyday. So now away we go, we can and will succeed.

*Prior to this agreement we have been avg. once a week.

10 Replies to “30 Days”

  1. Good Luck! I think this is a great topic, something that doesn't get talked about very often. But sex has it's ups and downs through married life, and sometimes it's something we all have to work at.


  2. Once a day every day for a month? Good luck with that. I went MONTHS during my marriage without even a touch…so we probably should have done something similar (although it wouldn't have saved the marriage).I'd suggest making sure you do different things during the month so that it doesn't end up being tedious or a chore. Make it exciting for the both of you even on Day 29!Oh…..and have fun!!


  3. That was not bad at all, though it was nice to see a warning. It is good that you are open with him about your sex life with him. It is very important. I would be afraid if there were nothing to say.Good luck on the 30 days. It can be done and sometimes more than once in a nite…lol.


  4. I think sex is one of those things that could cause great hassles if one of the partners is not happy. Good of you both for making the effort!


  5. Wow…good for you guys! Sex was a HUGE issue in my marriage (I didn't figure out WHY until after we'd broken up)…but once we'd gotten past the "new-ness" phase, our sex life ranged between mediocre and downright terrible. It's funny, but sex seems to be one of the first things that suffers in a relationship. Also, if you're having it often, it's a not a big deal, but if you're not having it enough, then it's a major issue.I strongly believe that sex is an ESSENTIAL component of a healthy relationship. So I applaud you for making the effort. Good luck and have fun with it! Wheeeeeeee!


  6. Good job, I think everyone should have sex like that as much as possible and always make sure and make out first I mean you did it when you were dating why change it now? My mom always told me it's important to be open with your mate about that because it's important that both of you are pleased during sex me and Bobby have been together 14 yrs and still make out and have lots of fun doing it. lol! Just so u know aunt doll is a cougar when it comes to uncle Lonnie , lol


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