Take me back Tuesday

In my high school the juniors held prom for the seniors, so as class fundraiser we had a donkey basketball game. I was one of the juniors chosen to play. The game was juniors and staff vs. sophomores and seniors. I remember that my best friend Lou was also chosen to play (sadly I do not have a picture on my computer of her outfit). I do remember that she wore her dum-dums t shirt (that the summer before she saved wrappers to get). If you think my out fit is crazy the funny thing is mine wasn’t the most over the top there. You know I don’t remember who won or lost but I do remember that I had a lot of fun, my mother embrassed the crap out of me before the game, the guy I was dating at the time was there, and my dad embrassed me and Lou after the game (but I can’t rememer how, do you Lou?).

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