What a Week.

A bit of a free write to catch myself and you guys up.
This week has been an off week for me from the start. Last weekend Ian and I went to my Dad’s for the weekend (no reason just to visit). And we ended up staying longer then expected, we planned. The plan was to come home on Sunday, we ended up coming home on Monday. While we were there my dad came down with a cold, luckily Ian and I didn’t catch it. Once we got home after being gone on Monday our whole routine was thrown for a loop. I still feel like I am running behind, and to make matters worse lady time decided to show up on Tuesday. I am also excited for the dallas area blogher meet up tomorrow.

While at my dad’s this weekend my dad taught Ian how ot stick out his tongue, what a great thing to teach him right? He also taught him how to dance when standing up, now this on the other hand is cute. While at my dad’s Ian got to meet a horse for the first time, he wasn’t scared he actually reached out and petted China.

Exciting new my Cousin Dusty’s wife Whitney is in Labor with their son Jett as I type. I can’t wait for him to get here. All that is left is Wyatt and Ian will have four cousins born with in a year of him.

On the sex front things seemed to be picking up and then I’ll be damned if the batcave didn’t close down for repairs on me. Shoot em I just want to be able to reunite with my husband.

So I some how managed to leave my phone charger at my dad’s and he just put it in the mail to me today hopefully I will have it by monday.

So enough randomness here, post to look forward to in the next few weeks, operation office to den; my looking glass lane dossier; baby product reviews; and more adventures of my family.

4 Replies to “What a Week.”

  1. Funny how we get into a routine and one little thing can throw us off. Hold on tight and ride the waves~Glad I found your blog!Kat Rogerswww.selfsymmetry.com


  2. I would love to see a picture of Jett!Hope your charger arrives soon and that lady time is almost over!


  3. Acidicice, I will post one as soon as I get one. I am very excited about Jett he is my Cousin Dusty first born and him and Ian share the same middle name.


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