Country Girl in the City

dos-si-er :
noun a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject.

We’ve officially broken ground on the clubhouse over on Looking Glass Lane. First order of business: Identify ourselves, put all our hands into the circle, recite a chant that calls to the six-year-old in every woman, break, and get into some serious shenanigans out in the cyberverse. (top intro borrowed from Jen)

Country Girl in the City (AKA: Bobbi Janay)

Looking Glass Powers:
An uncanny ability to confuse people by just speaking her mind they hear my accent and assume she’s is unintelligent, when in reality it is the exact opposite.(not saying she is a genius)

Dress-up Closet:
Resale shop jeans, they come already broke in
Her Favorite pair of old beat up cowboy boots
Flip Flops
Plenty of thrift store find t shirts
A plethora of baseball caps
A few dresses and heels to throw everybody off, that she can clean up.

A baseball cap paired with big sunglasses and a swipe of lip gloss and mascara. It makes it easier to go in unnoticed and surprise them with her charm and wit.

Go-To Gadget:
Her Blackberry
Ipod Mini (that’s right a mini)

Dairy Queen Ice Cream
Reading Playboy

Magic Potion:
Any Bottle of Wine (Prefers: Moscato, Pinot Noir, and Cab. Sauv.)
Diet Coke
Dunkin Donuts Coffee (Made in her own kitchen)

Battery-Recharge Hub (other than Looking Glass Lane, of course):
Her sons and husbands laughs
Hugs from anyone that she loves

Bratty Spoilers:
DQ Dilly Bars
Bad Movies

Owner’s Manual:
What’s that? This girl jumps in feet first and when up to her neck in trouble starts looking for direction where it can be found. Which is any where from Fantasy Books, wanted or unwanted advice from her love ones, to her Bible.

Her uncanny ability to find useless trivia to fit almost any occasion
Her almost always sunny outlook on everything

Self Doubt
Bad Legs (hitting a tree when she was 17 and breaking both legs did nothing for her ability to move with grace)

How she gets to the Lane:

In her trusty Maroon Nissan Xterra with it is winking bumper, random stickers, and always a gas can in the cargo space.

Secret Ambition
To be a high school US history teacher. I want to help mold and shape America’s future to love America’s past.

Now that you have read mine check out some of the other ladies of Looking Glass Lane:


Once you have checked those out for inspiration, go to Looking Glass Lane sign up and then write your own dos-si-er. Remember to have fun.

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