8’s Enough

8 things I’m looking forward to

1. Greg and Laura’s wedding

2. Ian turning six months old so we can do parent and me swim class

3. getting a pedicure

4. Chelsea D’s Graduation

5. watching Ian grow

6. seeing old friends

7. my life with Casey

8. going back to school

8 things I did yesterday

1.watched stargate sg-1

2. changed a dirty diaper

3. drank tea

4. Tweeted

5. listened to laughter

6.ate a turkey leg

7. bought a trashy magazine

8. stayed up to late

8 things I wish I could do

1. Finish school

2. lose another 15 lbs

3. go on an airplane

4. live closer to family

5. buy a home

6. sing

7. play the guitar

8. paint my toe nails

8 shows I watch on TV

1. Bones

2. Grey’s anatomy

3. Project Runway

4. Private Practice

5. Dollhouse

6. Chuck

7. Reaper

8.18 kids and counting

8 people I’m tagging

1. Kat

2. Kari

3. Greg h

4. We areThat Family

5. Patrick C

6. Nintendo

7. CandianBaldGuy

8. Megsruggles

Leave questions for q&a post in comments.

3 Replies to “8’s Enough”

  1. Thanx for accepting your tag!Questions:What colour is your toothbrush?What’s your favourite electrical appliance?


  2. Hey you didn't tag me, but I'm finding Reaper fans to help us save the show. Everything we're hearing is sounding GOOD for the syndication deal for Reaper Season 3. People have had very positive responses from CW affiliates they’ve written. Today we received word that two of the biggest Tribune-owned CW markets in Texas are interested, and since Tribune owns a boatload of affiliates, it’s thought if the Tribune stations come on board, Season 3 is a lock. If you’re concerned about how show creators Fazekas & Butters’ new contract at Fox will affect the show, or Tyler Labine’s new series, we have updates on that too.We still need fans to show their support; we have about ONE WEEK to get across our love for this show! All links and details here: http://tinyurl.com/reaperlatest


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