First Trip to the E.R.

This afternoon after Ian’s nap we were headed down the stairs to play, when I lost my footing. So as we’re falling Ian slips out of my arms and slides down about four steps crying the whole way. So I get up and run to him pick him up and check and see if he is all right, as far as I can see everything is fine. 15 minutes later he is still screaming at the top of his lungs but I can’t see anything wrong. I then call the peds office who recommended taking him to the E.R. It is at that moment I realized. That I hurt my back and tail bone in the fall and can’t really drive, so I call Abby. She arrives we head to the hospital. Once we arrived there was surprisingly only a few ppl ahead of us. Once we got to the back where he got checked out, I was told he was fine to watch for a few things and we were on our way. So now that he has been to the E.R. hopefully we won’t be going again (ever) for a long time.
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