I am Now a SAHM

As of Sunday, I started a new adventure of being a sat at home mom. Wish me luck as dive in head first to a world of unknown. I am trying to get our routine figured out. Anybody have any tips. I had planned on Monday to unpack from our trip to the IL’s last weekend, that didn’t happen Ian’s gum’s were hurting so I got nothing accomplished. Yesterday was a little better I got the suitcases moved to the rooms in which they need to be unpacked. Now today I need to tackle the ever growing pile of laundry.

Enough about my boring day to day. This weekend is going to be new and different, Casey’ s little sis is taking for the weekend for our 2 year anniversary. We won’t know what to do with out the little guy for two and half days.

My first mother’s day was no different than another day, I didn’t even get a card. It was nothing like last years, when I found out that I was going to be a mom.

One Reply to “I am Now a SAHM”

  1. Now I can answer you more on her instead of twitter, hehe.When I was staying home, it took me a while to get a routine, because I was so used to being away from home.With Alyssa, I usually tried to get out the house at least once a day. Whether it was walking or just going in the front yard, thats if the weather permitted. After a couple weeks, I got this routine down.6:45 – wake up7:00 – Alyssa wakes up like clock work. Also get Haley up for school7:30 – We all walk Haley to school8:00 – Feed Alyssa 8:30 – Some sort of activity whether its something educational on tv, or playing with toysIf she’s content then I will try to sneak a meal for myself in9:00/30 – Bath for me/Alyssa. Just depends sometimes she wants a bath, sometimes she doesnt.10/11 Cleaning. I usually put Alyssa in the sling/ergo and do some cleaning. By the time I’m done she is gone to sleepDepending on what i’ve done, I’ll take a little nap with her12:45 – she wakes up, and wants to eat. I feed her some lunch, then I’ll eat a snack.1:30 – time to walk, and get Haley. Haley doesnt get out until 1:50. But we take the long way, because Alyssa loves being outside.2:10 – We get back. I give Haley a snack. Alyssa is usually on the floor.2:30 – I help Haley with Homework.3:30 – I try to see whats for dinner4:00 – Start dinner. Alyssa is on my back in the ergo4:30 – Husband gets home. I hand Alyssa to him. He changes her, spends time with her while I finish up dinner.6:00 (or earlier) We all eat7:00 – Bath time for Haley, and Alyssa )if she hasnt taken one. But by the time she eats she will need one. They take a bath together, just to save water. 8:00 – Bedtime for both girls.10:00 – Bedtime for meThis is the routine for mon-fri. It doesnt always go as planned but for the most part, it does.On the weekends. I dont know what my husband does LOL.


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