Reflections of a Small Town Kid…

I started this post over three weeks ago and have had many versions. My main issue was what to reflect upon my childhood or my young adulthood. Both time periods have helped shape me in to the woman I am today. So after many drafts I decided that my young adulthood won out, it is the time in my life where,I left home, made some mistakes but through all that found me.

I had a major car accident in the fall of my senior year, that resulted in a long hospital stay and a stint in a wheelchair (another post for another day about how this country is not wheel chair friendly). So my parents convinced me I should live at home while attending school my freshman year. Well with that decision my journey began. Within that first year at home many things happened. I had my first run in with a bad boy, found my first real love, had my first real job, and my first major heartbreak. With all of those incidents I realized that B-town was not the town were I wanted to be. So as my sophomore year of college dawned, I decided I was moving away from home by the next May, come hell or high water. During the nine months it took me to move, I found the wolf in sheep’s clothing, met my future husband (who at the time I thought was a gigantic moron), lost childhood friends, and learned any challenge presented can be over come with a little faith, time and effort.

Once reaching my new home, it dawned on me that things would never be the same. In the frist few months I was down there, I felt the most alone I have ever felt (never move to a college town at the beginning of summer if all your friends are going home). So after a couple of lonely months, I ended up at the same Karaoke night as Casey. At the time I didn’t know that choosing Karaoke over playing pool, would be a decision that helped to shape my life the way it is today. Over the next year and half my life in the B/CS is where I found my wings.

More to come…

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