I have less then two days til I return to work. Part of me can’t wait to go back and then there is the part who is a little more reluctant. I have been in retail based jobs since I was 16. It’s not that I don’t like them, to be honest I will probably stay in some form of retail forever. I like the interaction with people, the not knowing what is going to happen day to day. I am happy where I am at for now. I am not at the bottom of the retail food chain anymore, but I want to eventually change what side of it I work on. Right now I am on the customer based side of retail with in the next two to three years I would like to change to working on the distributor side of it. I am excited about the fact that even though I am changing locations most of the vendors I work with will be the same.
Casey’s feels as if his interviews went well at both places only time will tell. He is going to hang out with his friends tonight at make beer. I don’t understand why they enjoy this so much and when I ask I was told ” It’s a Man Thang”. Guys, even as you get older and married to them they get no less confusing.
So what to do with my free Friday night, is now the question at hand. Maybe I will have myself a one woman dance party.
This was from when I first moved out on my own and was car hopping at sonic. I would dance constantly to pass the time and to annoy my manager, who then decide the best way to handle my dancing was to dance back.

One Reply to “Countdown”

  1. LOL at the picture. Reminds me of when I worked at Longs a long time ago and would run around the store to pass time. With customers in the store LOL


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