Recent Events

Plus a FootFoot, you pull out a camera and my dog thinks she needs her picture taken. My FIL and BIL came to visit two weekends ago. It was nice to see them and for them to see the baby. My always entertaining FIL has a soft spot for children in general but this is the first grandbaby for him in 8 years. So in otherwords in no time flat he can have Ian smiling, I wish he would smile all the time for us. Yesterday Ian and I stopped by were my dad works and he got to show him off . ian is a very social baby he never has any objections to new people holding him.

About 3 weeks ago, we attended our friends ring dunking. He finished in 35 secs go CD. We are starting the a&m brainwashing early. It was so nice to go out and see friends and enjoy some very good wine (one of our friends dads makes his own wine).I am hoping that one of our friends decides to have game night are something soon I need a night out of my house, it would be even better sans baby but our babysitter (my mom) just has knee surgery so it will be a few weeks.

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