And the beat goes on…

It can only get better is my new motto. Casey didn’t get the job in OK. I am alright with this now that I have had time to process the idea. It is just terrifying to stare into the abyss of the unknown. Casey has what feels like a gazillion resumes out. I am not sure exactly everything that is going on with those, I know he has received a few phone calls but no interviews scheduled as of yet.
Me returning to work has been a a cluster …! I haven’t even got to start back yet, I called to get reinstated (I work in retail) and they told me they would call me when I was so that I could get back on the schedule. A week later no call so I go in to talk to my manager and he says they want to change my position, I am unhappy with this idea. So a few phone calls later I am staying in the same position but moving to a store closer to my home so win win for me. I hopefully will be starting this Fri. if not it will for sure be next week.
In a weird way I am grateful for the delay in returning to work. We have had a very full schedule all the appointments we have had dentist, eye and check ups. We are trying to take advantage of our insurance while it last. The most important appointments are still to come, I am applying for W.I.C, and our appointment is tomorrow. I am very nervous I have never applied for any kinda of aid before i have no idea what to expect.
On the baby front, Ian is doing amazing. We are getting three to four nights a week of six or more hours of sleep. Today while burping him I noticed that he already has a tooth trying to come in, isn’t that a little early. He amazes me more and more everyday, this last weekend Casey was playing the guitar for him and he just smiled and wiggled the whole time. On the smile front we were finally able to capture one on film, YAY!
I am ending on a positive note, I am grateful for all of our health and all the extra time my husband is getting to spend with his son.
He smiles!

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