Waiting for the Phone to ring

Is killing me. Casey had his interview on Fri. and they said they would call him on Mon. or Tues. still no call. The pessimist in me thinks he did not get the job, and they just don’t want to call and tell him this. Casey on the other hand is all like they will call they said to check out housing in the town this interview was in. So he is all like they are gonna, I think he is being stupid and refusing to face reality.
Well then last night my cousin calls and says that she is going to try and work it out with her husband. I know that this is going to sound bad I broke down in tears, all I could think of is her 2 little girls and how bad of an example she is setting for them. In the six years they have been married I think that he has cheated on her more times then I know of and everytime she gets pregant he does it. She is currently 5 months pregant with his 5 child (he has 2 from a previous marriage). Then when they are together he treats her like crap. Her response to this is he is the father of my children. Well I am sorry being with someone cause they are the father of your child is not good enough . The icing on the cake is the girl he has been sleeping with just found out she is pregant and she told my cousin she is gonna get an abortion, I don’t believe her. My cousin does, I just wish that she could realize that she isn’t hurting just herself when she jumps back in this stupid circle.

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